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"I can’t imagine going through pregnancy and birth without Angharad! She was so calm, gentle, and kind through every step of the process. She was remarkably flexible, even given we hired her from a county away and quickly had to switch plans from a birth center natural labor to a surprise c-section. She set us up with resources, helped us develop a plan, and was ready and willing to do whatever we needed to have the best birth possible. I still have no idea what we would have done without Angharad. Her presence and care before, during, and after the birth of our baby was absolutely essential and appreciated. I would definitely tell other people to work with you! I think having someone who was open to hearing about any difficulties we were having without judgement for the feelings we were having or choices we were making was critical, as was being directed towards resources where we could get more guidance in some areas. Also just having someone around during birth who was able to take care of us as a whole family and was tuning in to our specific needs, whether it was taking a moment to breathe deeply or feeding me ice chips after surgery, was completely invaluable. I can't imagine what we would have done otherwise."

- K. Oliver

"I loved working with Angharad to develop a birth plan, but her strength and support surpassed my expectations when my birth didn’t go as planned. Angharad provided grounding, support and stability through an urgent c section and ver premature delivery. She helped keep me informed and advocated for me and my partner when we were struggling to comprehend what was happening. During my recovery my blood pressure was extremely high and I was on a lot of medicine. I was scared and she held my hand and guided me through a whole body meditation that allowed me to relax, which made an impact on my blood pressure. Small things made a big difference in my experience after giving birth. When I returned to my hospital room after surgery she set up flameless tea lights, since I expressed I hated hospital lighting. This small act showed me she was listening and took care of my needs. Angharad is a thoughtful listener who hears your needs and then works to support you in the best way possible. She stays present and able to adjust to changing circumstances. She asks though provoking questions so you can really articulate what kind of support you need. I also really appreciated the way she focused on the whole transition to parenthood beyond the birth itself. I think that work ahead of time has helped me be a better parent to my child."

- K. Refer

"Where do I begin?!! The entire experience of you as our doula was incredible and everything we needed and also what we did not know we needed. The most beneficial parts of the services were the in-person meetings, the resources you'd send (meditations, articles, etc), and your whole-family approach of including my wife as an equal part of this experience."

- B. Butz-Houghton

" I'm beyond grateful that you came into our lives. I will never forget the immense love and support you gave us before, after and during Luca's birth. Largely because of you, my son's birth story is one of joy and pride - so much more than I anticipated. You helped push the fear out, and for a person who deals heavily with anxiety, that was the greatest gift I could have asked for."

- J. Sales

" Angharad helped me adjust to parenthood better than I ever expected! Labor and breastfeeding were huge fears of mine, but Angharad helped me feel confident by providing research and resources well before I entered childbirth. Even though I never went into labor, and breastfeeding didn’t work out for us, I felt confident in the decisions I made for myself and my daughter. I felt like I always had someone in my corner supporting my decisions and helping me think through anything that was thrown at me. Even now, six months after my daughter’s birth, I feel like I could call on Angharad if needed. She’s AMAZING! "

- E. Herinckx

" We hired Angharad for the full year doula services and we are so glad we did. This was my first pregnancy after a couple of losses so having Angharad there and the energy work really helped created a space to process and learn to embrace the baby that I was growing was really a blessing. Our monthly meetings always had a theme and I am so glad she was there to navigate the conversations I didn't know my husband and I needed to have before our family grew. 

Our daughter came exactly 3 weeks early and although I wasn't on the schedule yet Angharad made sure to come straight to the hospital when her flight landed to be by our side for the rest of the birth. Looking back, I think the first postpartum visit was the one I treasured the most. It happened the same afternoon I was discharged from the hospital and just felt really all over the place and she helped ground me. Thank you Angharad."

- M. Chou

"I can not speak highly enough about Angharad and her passionate spirit! My family was in need of extra support while my husband was away for a military training and we fell in love with Angharad! I have two young daughters and they instantly bonded with her. Shortly after my husband returned from training we were dealing with the emotional highs and lows with a terminally ill family member and she was there for every one of us, checking in and lending resources we could utilize. I reached out to her fairly late one night and she was quick to respond. Her kind words eased my heavy heart, I will forever be grateful for the love and support we received from these life doula services. To top it all off-she is an amazing cook and even sent me all the recipes and step by step instructions on how to replicate the meals!! Thank you for all your help and no matter what stage you’re at in your life, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum or just needing someone to sit with you and listen, the benefits are endless!! I can see hiring Angharad again in the future and she still checks in periodically-Thank you!" 

-The Bard Family 




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