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About me

Hi! I'm Angharad Hollingworth. An intuitive doula, coach, and energy worker. I support people intentionally moving through major life transitions. 


Life is complicated and hard and messy, and you deserve to be held in all those moments. In my doula work I see the whole human. 


My fascination with people as humans lead me to dream of working with people in their most human moments. My exploration of things in this world that dehumanize us and our experiences makes me believe that creating sacred space for people’s humanity to shine- especially intimate and vulnerable and life changing moments- is all the more important.


Witnessing and guiding you, is one of my greatest joys as show your humanness to yourself and to your loved ones because I believe it builds stronger foundations to grow on and deeper respect to love from.

"Having someone who was queer-inclusive was really important to us, and I think it was really beneficial to be able to have someone in our corner who understood how we might be feeling and be able to mitigate some of the problems that came up as being a queer couple in a heteronormative medical system. " K. Oliver

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