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Virtual Life Doula

 Hourly emotional, informational, and spiritual support

held virtually 


A complimentary 15 minute phone call. 


Over the course of our virtual hour together, the time is yours.

Yours to vent, to process, to pray, to cry, to laugh, to be seen and held in the ways that you need to.

We can talk about : Life, relationships, children, caring for yourself. 

We can : do an energy reading, sing, sit in silence, drink some tea together. 


This hour is just for you. 


I am here just for you.  


Text, phone, and email 

If you find you need more support during this time, I am also available for text, phone, and email support during the week we meet. 


$25 per hour phone call


$50 for continual phone and text support per week

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